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Voted BEST PET TRAINERS of 2010 by readers of The Signal Newspaper

"Dog training shouldn't be a battle of wills, but an ever-evolving dance of
communication and cooperation." - Nicole Wilde

Nicole and MojoDoes your dog jump on visitors, nip you or the kids, dig up the backyard or dart out the front door? Does he have aggression issues or separation anxiety? Or perhaps your feisty fur-kid is simply in need of some basic obedience and manners. Whichever the case, you’ve come to the right place! Problem behaviors are easily be modified and new skills quickly learned. The best part is, it's fun and easy when you Train With Compassion, Not Compulsion!TM

Certified Trainer/Behavior Specialist Nicole Wilde uses positive, reward-based methods. No choke chains, shock collars or harsh physical corrections are used. But gentle does not mean permissive! Gentle Guidance training achieves excellent results, as it is based on the psychology of how dogs think and learn. The approach is effective in treating any issue from puppy problems to aggression, and is customized for each individual dog.

These gentle methods extend to you, the owner, as well. You'll learn in small, easy steps in order to set both you and your dog up to succeed. After all, you're really being trained to train your dog! Nicole's easy-going style and sense of humor make training fun for dogs and their humans.

Nicole is a local resident, and offers private, quality in-home training at reasonable rates. You are not required to purchase a block of sessions, as it is impossible for one set number of sessions to be appropriate for everyone. For simple problems, one session may be all that is needed. While serious behavior issues such as aggression take longer to address, the goal is to make your dog’s behavior as reliable as possible in as short amount of time as possible. After all, the faster your problem is solved, the more money you save and the more likely you are to recommend Gentle Guidance to others.

We strive to maintain our excellent reputation through providing quality training and excellent customer service. Please check out Nicole's testimonials from local veterinarians, pet-related professionals and satisfied clients.

You love your dog -- why train any other way?

Call 661-299-5704 or e-mail.